About me…

Welcome to my page! I’m a mother of 2 with hardly any time to spare (yes, big shocker there!) but decided to start a blog. Motherhood has taught me so much over the course of two short years. I have such a huge desire to share and collaborate with other moms and hope to be able to spread some of my “wisdom” from the journeys I have been on.

Real quick, as an overview, I look forward to writing about things ranging from babies to crafting to birthday party planning to toddlers to simple daily experiences.  My brain is on overload and I want to share some of the wonderful, frustrating, useful, creative things I have been discovering.

I plan to post biweekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays about a random topic that happens to speak to me that day so bear with me as I get started! I hope you enjoy reading my posts and can’t wait to start following new blogs myself!